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Jaipur, the royal city of Rajasthan, is eminent for its rich culture and heritage. Thousands of tourists flood the city all round the year to witness marvels of architecture and traditions. The uniqueness can be noticed in the contemporary blends of culture, tradition and creativity. This distinctiveness has benefitted not only the people living in the Pink City but has also established Jaipur as one of the most thriving Commercial Sector in the country.

KGK Realty's recent commercial investment- Lehariya, is trying to bind artisans and craftsmen into the traditional colours of Jaipur. The dynamic markets of Jaipur promote handicrafts and textile and have drawn the attention of many artisans, who are seeking a right price for their creativity. After the in-depth study of this growing trade in the Pink City, KGK Realty has designed a project that would prove to be a promising platform for commerce & trade. As an epoch of royalty and tradition, Lehariya - a finely crafted business destination - will be an epitome of detailed planning and state-of-the-art amenity for all commercial needs.

With strong roots in Jaipur and its living traditions, Lehariya sure is an architectural spectacle of urban magnificence aimed to provide urban workplaces in the prime location of the Pink City. It is the fertile ground where ideas can bloom and the tradition can join hands with the modern creativity so that an environment can be built which can offer the much-needed pace to modern day enterprises.

With an ambition to deliver efficient work environment, accessibility to the skilled workforce, world-class services and surroundings, Lehariya focuses on promoting the legacy of Jaipur on multiple platforms. It is designed not just to appeal to the eyes, but also ensures quality satisfaction via thorough planning and management of the available services. The space is accurately bifurcated keeping in mind the severance required for various communities. Be it art galleries, entertainment or cultural events, the goal is to create an environment that will not only help facilitate the holistic growth of businesses but will also help aspirants seek fame, success and recognition.

Lehariya is located centrally and at a comfortable distance from Jaipur International Airport. With over 100 years of its existence and loyalty, KGK Group now wishes to contribute to the rich architectural tradition of Jaipur and through Lehariya, KGK is all set to represent the progressive and developing face of Jaipur!


Value Excellence

Designed after extensive research, a comprehensive and integrated approach has been applied in Lehariya. The intricately designed open spaces are created to cater to diverse needs of employees employed in the Lehariya premises. In the compound, the work force relishes excess to well-designed workplaces with resting corners for rejuvenating and refreshing their senses. Lehariya promises a fulfilling experience to visitors with the recreational surprises that are in store for them!
Business Facilities
  • Business centre
  • Convention centre
  • Meeting rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Business lounge
  • Plug & Play work spaces
Facilities for Retail
  • Retail primarily as a support for commercial office space takers.
  • Planned Retail Destination with top end brands.
Facilities for Hospitality
  • Corporate guest house
  • Food court
  • Cafes
  • Bar/lounge areas
  • Fine dining restaurants
Facilities for Art & Culture
  • Spaces for Cultural events, art galleries and recreational activities that can facilitate the interaction between communities and a vibrant environ can be created.
  • Art Galleries for featuring popular works of artists
  • Space for cultural performances
  • Terrace gardens
Facilities for Hospitality
  • Fitness centre in an area of 6,000 Sq. with the facilities of gymnasium, sauna and swimming pool.

We find pleasure in serving you the best!

We believe that if the small things are taken care of, the big things function smoothly. Lehariya aims at providing round the clock services to ensure that the employees and the visitors have a tussle free experience!

Safety & Security
  • 24 Hour appointed Security Guards with security equipments
  • Automatic turnstiles and metal detector
  • Round the clock CCTV security eye
  • Perimeter and Security Lightning
Parking Facilities
  • Special office parking space
  • Valet parking
  • Special parking for people with special needs
  • Every nook and corner of Lehariya is managed by a team of professional and efficient experts.
Infrastructure Services
  • 100% power back up
  • Pre-paid metering systems
  • Centralised Air Conditioning for all floors & lobby areas
  • Basement ventilation
  • Building management system
  • Dedicated lifts for business centre users & visitors
  • Dedicated Service Lift
Turn Key Services
  • Access to legal counsel
  • Travel Desk
  • HR
  • Entrepreneur Cell


Design Excellence

ENVIRONMENT- Delivering Functionality

The contemporary designs at Lehariya are the perfect amalgamation of excellence and quality. Be it the layout, design or architecture, every corner of the property has been touched, and perfectly engineered to maximize efficiency and ensure trouble-free operation by the users. The well-ventilated spaces are intricately designed in a way that maximizes light and air circulation and helps keep the environment cozy and cool. With a commitment to ensure a luxurious experience, KGK Realty is all set to offer an environment that will inspire your modern aspirations in this progressive Corporate World!

Customized Design solutions
  • Large, flexible floor plates
  • Sky-walks which provide seamless movement and integration between the towers
  • Magnificently crafted double / triple volume spaces

Indigenous to Rajasthan, 'Lehariya' is a special tie-resist dyeing technique known for exuding wavy patterns or Lehar. The unusual designs and patterns of our project, inspired by this technique, hence prompted the name 'Lehariya'. With a close resemblance to the Rajput turbans, these patterns crawl up to the top of the towers and visually appeal the buyers. However, these patterns offer much more than just aesthetic satisfaction. These patterns help absorb and deflect the direct sunlight, and contribute in keeping the indoor temperature pleasant.


The four pillars of Lehariya boast multiple benefits in terms of comfort and effectiveness. These buildings are finely designed in a way to channelize proper ventilation and airflow, which further reduces excess usage of electricity for adequate lightning and cooling. Besides this, the excellent engineering of these buildings ensures that the passage between these buildings is always shaded and pleasant.

Exterior Areas & Landscaping

Lehariya spreads to a distance of over 10,000 sq ft and embraces lush-green sections throughout the property. These soothing landscapes have been intricately developed for leisure and recreational activities. Furthermore, the property habitats various terraces and public spaces on the 6th and 7th floors to ensure quality socializing and relaxation.

Green Building Amenities & Features

Lehariya advocates an approach of ‘Smart-Sustainability’ that can be witnessed in the design of the structure, which is in harmony with highest LEED standards. Realizing the need for environ friendly reforms, stress has been laid to include beneficial features like rain-water harvesting, landscaping that reduces heat, etc. These reforms also help reduce utility and the expenditures incurred on the same.

Design of Interior Areas
  • Beam-less structures provided
  • Elegantly use of crafted material in lift lobbies, washrooms and common areas
  • Use of flying carpet glass ceilings to allow natural light and ventilation
  • Floating MS Staircases and Bridges.
Other features:
  • 17% Energy Saving
  • 53.77% water savings through low flow fixtures
  • Bicycle stands, showers and changingrooms are provided

Location Excellence

Lehariya is located in the most vibrant commercial area of Jaipur. Located in proximity to the Jaipur International Airport, the place is well connected to the major sites of the city such as JLN Marg and Tank Road via arterial roads.

Along with ease of road connectivity, many established commercial hubs of Jaipur, such as C- scheme, MI road, Sitapura Industrial Area, Malviya Nagar Industrial Area are within a drivable distance from the property. The place also shares proximity with prime residential areas such as Jagatpura, Malviya Nagar and Model Town.

Besides this, Lehariya is located at a quick distance from various popular recreational and entertainment centres; and is minutes away from top-notch hotels such as Jaipur Marriott and Royal Orchid Jaipur. The sprawling Entertainment Paradise multiplex, also a development of KGK Group, is less than a kilometer away from the property.


Quality Excellence

  • LEED India pre-certified Gold' Rating building
  • Professional property management system armed with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Appropriate quality control measures resulting in wind velocity and earthquake resistance structure.
  • • Exposed concrete finishes achieving spectacular effects with minimal maintenance.

Floor Plans

Basement 2 Floor Plan
Basement Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan
1st Floor Plan
6th Floor Plan
7th Floor Plan
Terrace Floor Plan
Typical Floor Plan





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