Why Should You Invest In Only Reputed Developers?

Invest In The Reputation

Buying a home, or simply investing in real estate, is a big step forward. It denotes your financial security and stability to be able to invest in something as huge as Real Estate. And while there are a huge number of projects that are getting built at this moment in India, the truth will baffle everyone. The total inventory of unfinished or unclaimed properties in major cities of northern India is close to 800,000. A whopping number in itself.

While several factors have made this number to be a possibility, the most prevalent one is the increasing number of mediocre developments that are not at par with the standard that is expected of the industry. That is why it is always advised to investors, irrespective of whether the first-timers or seasoned, to invest with reputed developers. But what makes them stand out really? This article takes a closer look at the reasons why reputed developers must be trusted more often.

  • Deadlines : RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act, 2016) has been a boon for investors as the act lays down important responsibilities for real estate developers to register, complete, and hand-over properties to their buyers within a said time limit. This ensures the buyers that their property will be handed over to them within time.

  • Compliance: Compliance with the rules in RERA act is an important part of a developer's reputation. That is why if your developer is registered with RERA, there is no room for any foul play by him. You can take it as a token of authenticity.

  • Amenities : Reputed developers have the tendency to create their brand around their services. That is why the facilities at almost all of these projects are over the top amazing for the buyers. We are talking about parking space, 24/7 security, clubhouse, swimming pool, parks and tracks, and mini-theaters, etc.

  • ROI : Return of investment is one of the biggest concerns for seasoned investors in real estate. The calculations are based on several factors, which reputed developers also take into consideration before planning their projects. A definite rise in ROI is a pleasing factor for solidifying investment avenues, something that everyone looks for.

  • Loans : A great way to buy real estate and earn a profit on the returns is loaning the property. With reputed developers, getting a loan becomes easier in comparison to lesser-known developers because chances are that the banks may recognize a sense of trust with known and successful developers.

  • Security : If you are looking to live in one of these projects, then the most important feature to have in your 'society' will be to have adequate security measures. Regardless of whether you live there or not, security is of the utmost importance for your possessions.

Be it investors from the country or our NRI brothers, there are several reasons why investing in projects from reputed developers is always considered beneficial. A simple check of the conversations online about a developer is enough to give you an inkling of their reputation. That is why, before going to buy luxury apartments in Jaipur check out one of the most reputed developers of the city, KGK Realty. Our residential project, the Oasis, has set new standards of living in Jaipur.