Why pay attention to Jaipur Development Authority's (JDA) By-laws?

The recent news that was revolving around the new JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) laws was capable enough to give people goose bumps. Following a judgment of Rajasthan High Court, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation recently came out with a mission that is focused towards eradicating all the illegal possessions and structures in the Pink City. The Court Rule directed the JMC to demolish any such project or building immediately. For futuristic projects also, the court directed that if it is found that a project does not follow the prescribed guidelines, the JMC is free to demolish any such construction.

The news was alarming in many senses. First of all, we often invest in buildings or plots for commercial purpose or just for the sake of investment. Secondly, sometimes we put every penny of our years of hard work in a project that promises us a lifetime of facilities and comfort. A little negligence and unawareness can result in huge losses. Whether you are looking for an ideal factory space in Jaipur, or if you are looking for residential space in the Pink City, always keep your eyes and ears open before investing.

following precautions can help you in making the wise choice.

  • Always go for constructions and investments in places that are approved by JDA (Jaipur Development Authority). JDA officers grant the permissions. Apart from approving your plot, they also check and approve your plans. The approvals are given on three parameters-
    • Category of the plot
    • Area covered by the structure
    • Floor area of the building
  • If you are setting up a commercial space in Jaipur, be very particular about the JDA guidelines and norms. The main highlights are:
    • The commercial space’s master plan must specify the number of floors, rooms and parking lots in the building.
    • The parking space must be spacious, and it must accommodate 30% vehicles of the visitors.

If the said guidelines do not find your premises proper, the JDA has the full right to stop or demolish your premises. KGK Realty is offering JDA approved Flats in Jaipur, which have an array of amenities and luxuries for the customers. The area enjoys proximity to RIICO Industrial Park and enjoys good connectivity with the nearby markets. So if you are looking for space to set up a factory, industry or a warehouse, Solitaire Industrial Park by KGK Realty is the ideal place.

Always be updated and adhere to the rules and regulations of JDA. This can save you from a lot of trouble later on. Be smart and invest wisely!