5 Unique House Designs from Around the World

5 Unique House Designs from Around the World

Our house is truly the center of our little Universe. We spent such a major part of life in our houses that a great poet once said, "If a house could speak it would sing the most elegant songs about every human emotion"

But also, part of being human is our capacity to transfer small elements of our personality into things that are dear and special to us. A house becomes a home because of this uniquely human trait called 'personalization'.

However, there are a few exceptions who have the ingenuity and desire to go a few extra miles than the rest of us. In this blog, we look at some of the most unique houses on the planet. While it's not given that you will find all the designs appealing, but you would agree that all of them are truly unique.

1. The Hobbit House in Wales

Small, charming and eco-friendly, the Hobbit house in Wales is every child’s dream. The inspiration for the house came from the Hollywood movie Lord of the Rings in which the character Frodo had the same kind of space. The owner, a photographer by profession, built the house within 4-months. Since its completion, the house has gained considerable popularity on the internet and is also a major tourist attraction.

2. Waterfall Home

The Waterfall Home in Bear Run, Pennsylvania lives you amazed and envious at the same time. Built on an active waterfall site, the house is the imagination of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The house is over 80 years old and still standing tall and strong. The burbling sound that permeates the space is perfect for a meditation getaway during weekends.

3. The Keret House

The Keret House is the world's narrowest house. Designed by the Polish architect Jakub Szczesny of Centrala, it is squeezed between two buildings and looks no different than a central ventilation system.

4. Flintstones House

Remember Flintstones, the famous cartoon series about the modern stone-age family? Well, the Flintstone House in Hillsborough, California will remind you of exactly that. Located in a hilly location, the free-form house is not up to everybody’s taste and was also declared a ‘public nuisance’.

5. Slide House In Japan

The Slide House in Japan has many elements that give it a uniquely fun appeal. The three-story is rectangular shaped and has a central staircase that connects all the floors. But the most amazing part of the house is the slide that goes all the way round the house. The tenants use the slide in case they find using stairs boring and tiring.

While these houses are truly unique, they are designed to pacify their owner's discrete needs. For most of us, a house is about a place where we can truly be ourselves. It is a place that offers us the comfort we want and the love/amenities we deserve. If you are looking for a nest that perfectly packs all the elements that define modern living, KGK Realty’s residential project, The Oasis is an ideal option for you. Located on the most in-demand residential plot in Jaipur, The Oasis is your key to a lifestyle that is exquisitely modern yet very affordable.