Single Family Homes vs. Multi-Unit Apartments: Which is Right for You?


Privacy over the community, responsibility over maintenance, comfort over luxury, the odds are stacked very highly against each other when it comes to choosing between a single family home and a multi-unit apartment. However, to make a choice easy for you; we list some of the key parameters that highlight the benefits of one over the other. We hope by the end of the blog, the reader will be better equipped to make a more informed decision.

The Investment Value: Single-family homes are like penny stocks of the residential real estate segment. You might own a beautiful house, but selling it at its original cost value will not be easy particularly more so when we consider the fact that most single homes are located in the suburbs.

In sharp contrast, the multi-unit apartment is located in and around urban centers and promise a substantial return of investment. Unlike single homes where prices might vary with the buyers’ purchasing capacity, the price of the multi-unit apartment is more stable. The market value for a multi-unit apartment is determined based on rental yields. Most multi-unit apartments exhibit higher than average rental value.

The Upkeeps: Single-family homes demand a concentrated maintenance plan i.e., owners have to take care of every detail. Multi-unit apartments, on the other hand, are easier to manage. The onsite security and staff ensure that all units work hassle-free to ensure high-quality maintenance and safety.

The Amenities: Amenities like swimming pool, gym, etc. are more of a luxury than a routine for a single family home. Owning it can cause a major dent in the owner's pockets. However, these amenities are part and parcel of multi-unit apartments.

Multi-Unit Apartments offer these amenities in the most affordable way possible. Most multi apartments today offer amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, community center, parking area, etc. The premium ones even have shopping centers, banks, ATMs, fueling stations, etc.

The Exit Strategies: Even though single-family homes find buyers easily; however, the resale value takes into account the value of the land only and not the entire property. In Multi-unit apartments, the resale value is not affected much as it takes into account factors like location, amenities, maintenance, security, etc.

This makes multi-unit apartments more lucrative over single-family homes. In fact, multi-unit apartments also offer ease of rental income.

These were few of the many advantages of choosing multi-unit homes over others. However, the final decision lies in the recipient’s preference, liking, and ultimate objective. Single-family homes offer owners increased privacy and freehold, but it lacks the benefits of community living like social interactions, healthcare, safety, etc.

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