Plot v/s Flat: Solving the Real Estate Investment Plight

Solving the Real Estate Investment Plight

Plot or Flat is one investment dilemma which all of us come face to face once in our lifetime. Finding the right answer can be a tough nut to crack for the ill-informed. Unlike a decade ago, today Jaipur has emerged as a lucrative option for investors. Flats in Jaipur are offering golden opportunities for investment. But as a cautious investor, there is always a flickering doubt if one has made the right decision. This blog will give you a good picture of both the worlds so that you can make the best choice when the opportunity arrives at your door.

Priorities Must Always Come First

Understanding your priorities as an investor is a key to the Plot v/s Flat dilemma, and for a lot of us, our priorities stem from our wants and needs. These may vary from person to person depending on the answers to the following set of questions.

  • Are you still living in a rented place?

  • Are you looking forward to earning a stable return from your investment?

  • Are you looking to opt for a loan to pay for the Plot or Flat?

If the answer to at least two of the above three questions was a YES, then flat should be your ideal choice.

Solving the Real Estate Investment Plight

Pros Of Flats

  • Ready to move in and offers a quality lifestyle with a host of amenities like recreational facilities, playing grounds, clubhouses, etc.

  • Homebuyers get loan assistance very, and the tenure is also convenient.

  • The ROI on investment is also excellent. Flats in Jaipur yield high rent for the owners.

  • The value appreciation is also high provided the apartment is located in an area with excellent connectivity and safety.

Pros Of Plots

From an investment point of view, plots are additional assets with the promise of a high future return. However, a lot of this depends on many external factors. The current real-estate market is a good indication of how things can be overvalued at times. While plots offer great flexibility in terms of ease of customization, however, they also result in many issues like encroaching threats, recurring land disputes, registration issues, etc.

Having said this, it is up to you to make the final call. While a plot requires timely care and monitoring, this is not the case with flats. The best flat in Jaipur, like the Oasis, offers some of the most lucrative gains ranging from a healthy lifestyle for your family to being a constant source of income in the form of rent. Therefore, invest in a brighter future with Oasis.