Here's How You Can Measure the Construction Quality of a Project

Here's How You Can Measure the Construction Quality of a Project

Buying a flat is not the same thing as buying flowers. You have to look beyond the things that are pleasing to the eye and measure other factors that add significantly to the value of the project. Always remember, it's not the flat alone that you are paying for, you are also paying for the amenities, the location, the safety, and most importantly, the construction quality.

But, how can a homebuyer, especially those who are investing for the first time, measure as intricate a factor like construction quality? We thought we would make the work easier for them. Here are some tips on how to measure the construction quality of a project.

1. Check Soil Quality in the Area

The soil houses the building's base, which bears the majority of the pressure generated by a high-rise building. Not every soil is ideal for construction and has the strength to hold and offer strength to the high-rise structure. To get a fair measure of the soil quality, get in touch with the respective development authorities of the city as well as meet people or residents who stay in close vicinity to the project.


Moreover, the builder performs a soil test before the construction process begins. You can ask for a copy of the test report from the developer himself.

2. Closely Review the Structural Design

This is easier said than done. Especially for a common man who has little idea about building and structures, a detailed examination of structural strength is almost an impossible exercise. Nevertheless, it must be done. More so, for projects in earthquake-prone sites. You can ask an expert to help you out. Make sure to look at all structural systems, including steel, concrete, and composite structures.

3. Don't Forget Wall Strength

Any multi-story building or apartment has to bear compressive, bending and shear forces. The walls are the first line of defence against these forces. The support strength of the wall is an essential element in keeping building stress in safe limits. The stronger the walls, the least are the chances of wear and tear from these forces.

A tried and tested way for measuring wall strength is by pressing a key against the wall. If you can create a hole easily, be assured that the developer has used low-quality construction material. Other than this, tap your knuckles against the wall, and if you hear too many high-pitch or stud like sounds, the walls are too hollow.

4. Cross-Check Safety Features

Construction projects promise a sea of hi-tech safety features for the residents. But some safety features are of top priority and must always be cross-checked. These include CCTV cameras, intercom, earthquake resistance, fire exit, and staircase dimensions.

5. Don't Forget the Elevators

Elevators' safety remains a concern for many homebuyers. From improper installation to poor maintenance, even the slightest of negligence can lead to serious consequences. Ensure to cross-check elevator safety points like elevator capacity, elevator ratio, license, and maintenance agreement of elevator, etc.

These are some of the tips that homebuyers must use to measure the construction quality of a project. But, there is still a lot that never meets the eye in construction projects, which makes the need to buy flats in Jaipur from a reputed developer ever more important. KGK Realty is a name that you can always trust when it comes to buying or investing in a project. Our residential projects pass the most rigorous quality check to ensure safety for you and your family.