Checklist to follow before you move in!


The humans of todays era are modern nomads. They move from one place to another because of better jobs, lifestyle or for their childrens education. Rented flats are readily available these days and come with furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished options. Whatever might be the reason, ensure you follow the below mentioned checklist before moving to a rented flat:

  • Proper Research: Always look for a place that saves your travelling time. Go for a flat that saves travel time to your workplace, your children's educational, and accessibility to local markets. Besides this, one must also ensure easy accessibility to all the necessary facilities such as banks, ATMs, emergency hospitals and local amenities that can meet daily requirements. One must know that there can be times when you will have to leave your children alone. Hence, double-check the surroundings and locality, and ensure availability of strict safety measures such as CCTV cameras and uniformed security guards.
  • Cross-check your Agreement: Before shifting to your rented house, make sure you double-check the rent agreement handed over by the property owner. The process must be transparent and there must be no discrepancies or hidden knowledge. Pay heed to the duration for which you can stay. In case, you disagree at a certain point, request them to change the same in the agreement. KGK Realty offers centrally located luxurious flats in Jaipur at budget-friendly prices.
  • Be aware of your Rights: At times, property owners force their rules and personal decisions on the tenants as rules. You must be thoroughly aware of the terms and conditions set in the rent agreement as this will help you know your rights as a tenant. For instance- A landlord is not supposed to question who comes in your house and at what time. Besides this, the landlords cannot force a tenant to shift somewhere else before the agreement is completed, unless any norm has been broken by the tenant.
  • Keep a check on your Expenses: On shifting to a new place, apart from the monthly rent, we normally have to bear extra expenses on security deposits, shifting costs, broker chargers, packing and moving charges, buying day-to-day toiletries, kitchen essentials etc. Always plan your budget accordingly. Remember that moving is not just about paying the rent. Plan a budget and keep a track of all the additional charges apart from the rent.
  • Perform a house check before shifting: Many times, a landlord hides the shortcomings of their house like a choked sink, broken electric lines or drainage problems. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you must carryout a house-check yourself before shifting in order to prevent any troubles that you might have to encounter later on. Always take a note of the electricity meter reading. KGK Realty's Luxury apartments in Jaipur are laced with modern facilities and are located minutes away from Jaipur International Airport.