5 Must-Have Features For A Healthy Home


Home is one place where all of us spend a significant part of our time. Hence, it is paramount that our homes are not just beautiful but also promise a healthy living environment. One cannot deny that love makes a happy home, but one also can't ignore the fact that a healthy home makes this love stronger. Here are 5 must-have features for a healthy home.

1. Interior Lighting:

When it comes to healthier homes, interior lighting is one thing that most people are guilty of ignoring. Efficient interior lighting makes household activities pleasant and safe. Furthermore, experts suggest that opting for the right interior lighting reduces eye health risks significantly. Traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED bulbs are ideal for eye's health and care.

In addition to this, experts stress on making ample use of natural light wherever possible. Natural light has multiple physiological and psychological health benefits on the people.

2. Proper Ventilation:

5 Must-Have Features For A Healthy Home

Proper ventilation is essential for improving indoor air quality. It also helps exceedingly in checking health hazards from indoor humidity, airborne contaminants like cleaning compounds, glues, etc. While ventilation must be properly planned and distributed, however at times due to space restrictions, adequate ventilation may not be possible. In such a case, it is prudent to take measures like shifting to high ceilings and internal ventilation through doors/windows to allow the air to escape easily. One can also use spot ventilation, air purifiers to prevent air stagnation and aid free flow of air.

3. Smart Storage:

A healthy home must be spacious and clutter-free. An excellent way to ensure this is by creating smart storage areas for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Moreover, these storage areas must be properly lit for safety from accidents.

4. High-Quality Air Filters:

Increasing industrialization, carbon emission, etc. has completely polluted the air we breathe today. The fear of inhaling carbon dioxide and other unhealthy gases has urged us to stay inside in our homes. However, if our home also fails to provide a clean and healthy environment, then we would have nowhere else to go! To make sure that the air we breathe in our homes is clean, we must invest in high-quality air filters. Make sure that the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of your filter is high enough to control the dust in your home.

5. A Garden:

A garden or small area of vegetation can be the secret to a healthy home. Not only is it well proven that people feel happier around green spaces, but gardening also is a natural stress buster and ensures a good amount of physical activity too.

These were some of the common features that can not only keep your home healthy but also promote happier living. In terms of costs, these features are affordable and won't fall heavy on your budget. In case you are a first-time home-buyer and looking for flats in Jaipur that offer all these and more, feel free to visit the Oasis, KGK Realty's flagship residential offerings. Located at one of the most planned and well-connected city centers, the Oasis encompasses modern living in its purest and safety form. Please visit the link to know more about the project, the offerings, and other important details.